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3D Wheel Alignment

This is our flagship service. We have state of the art advanced expensive and latest equipment for accurate wheel alignment for smoother drive.

3D wheel alignment allows our mechanics to perform the most precise wheel alignment on all types of cars. This is done by using 2 cameras to perform measurements for each wheel while integrated reference system with camber and inclination pendulums in each sensor head. This ensures reproducible results without complicated calibration.

Incorrect alignment can result in rapid and irregular tyre wear and can even affect the handling and safety of the vehicle.

Wheel alignment is generally affected by hitting potholes in the road or by excessive wear to steering or suspension components. Alignment of wheels and tyres to the specification required by your vehicle is an important way to guarantee a smooth ride and to get the most out of your tyres.


Oil Change

Every few months, or after a few 1000 kilometers of driving, your engine needs fresh oil to function and the pistons to run smoothly. The oil gets dirty after a while, and it is a must to change them frequently to get the longest life of your engine and optimal driving performance for your car. Our Xpert car mechanics will provide the right oil for your car, and tell you when you need to change it, at the best competitive prices. 


Brakes are one of the most important aspects of your car and good brake maintenance can save lives. Worn out brake pads, damaged “calipers” etc. can cause brake failure, and can cost lives. Signs of brake system in poor health are: Noise when you start to brake, grinding, vibrating or pulsating when you press down on the brake pedal. If any of these are true, and you want to regain the confidence of smooth braking, and increase the safety of your life and everyone else’s. Book an appointment for full-confidence brake repair.

Rust Proof

Your car can get rusted underneath and also its body. Protecting this presents premature corrosion and damage to your car due to extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, heat, etc. Rust proofing allows longer life of your car and more beautiful looks. Affordable, with long term results. Come VISIT us Today.



Transmission is essentially your gear system. It is one of the most important things of your vehicle. We are experts in repairing gear problems, at affordable pricing. Some problems you may be experiencing are: Lack of Response, Whining, Clunking and Humming, Leaking/Low Fluid, Grinding or Shaking, Burning Smell, Refuses to Go Into Gear, Check Engine Light, Transmission Noisy in Neutral, Gears Slipping, Dragging Clutch, Get the Problem Diagnosed. It is impossible for the untrained senses to detect and diagnose the accurate problem. Come book with us Today.


If your battery or dynamo go down, or if your battery is not getting recharged, your car will not have any electrical energy to go on, and you can get stuck and stranded in in the middle of a highway all by yourself. It is essential to check and maintain your battery regularly. We will help detect and repair any problems. 


If your suspension goes down, your car will become flat. If your suspension are worn out and old, your car will jerk, and shake at every slightest uneven path or road. It is supposed to be there to cushion you from the little and major unevenesses of the road. Come see the right, most fitting suspension for your vehicle and model.


If your vehicle’s clutch ever fails, the transmission will not be able to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. If you still experience grinding and rumbling noises after components have been replaced and a clutch adjustment has been made, a clutch replacement will be required to restore full operation to your transmission and your vehicle.

Exhaust System

Poor exhaust, and lot of smoke implies poor vehicle health and condition. It is also a terrible pollutant of our air and planet. Get your exhaust fixed today.



Muffler is there mainly to reduce the noise of the car coming from the loud exhaust. Many things can cause muffler damage, and repair can be from simple to complex. Our experts will be able to assess your car’s situation and recommend the best way to repair.



Why us?

Xpert2 Auto Repair

Xperts for over 40 years. The father and son team of Noman and XYZ Hafeez started their journey in mechanical auto repair over 40 years ago, in the middle east, UK, and now in Toronto, Canada. They are experts, and have left their customers with delight, full trust, and affordable rates.

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  • Over 40 years experience in mid-east, UK and Canada.
  • Guaranteed great low prices.
  • Trustworthy. Guaranteed quality work, and no scamming.
  • 2 locations show that we run successfully, with happy and returning clients.
  • We leave you relaxed and with full confidence. Our motto.
  • Come visit 1 of our shops for a free checkup/diagnostic and great SPECIALS!
  • Take it easy driving– the life you save may be mine.

    Hamid Ahmed
      These guys are XPERTS. Years of experience. You can tell by the way they approach the car and assess the vehicle. I feel very confident bringing my car here, knowing that they will take care of it.  
  • The cars we drive say a lot about us.

      I've had a great experience with Noman and the team. Very good, reliable service. I'm happy.
  • I love fast cars... and to go too fast in them.

    Paul Jeeves
    Hi, I've been a regular customer of Xpert2Auto for five years. They've given me top rated service everytime. I feel at home here, trust their service, and come back every time for maintenance, repair, tune-up or anytime problem I have. FABULOUS GUYS, professionals, and team.





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